Research is more than just data collection and analysis. Online surveys, virtual ethnography, and teleconferenced interviews have made data collection simple and fast. Simply having data rarely leads to change in an organization or a product.

Research is about understanding the data intimately, letting it speak to you and uncovering the nuances that make findings provocative. Analysis must also go beyond the data. Understanding how the findings fit within the larger picture of the organization tempers the research into usable insights. Turning raw data into useful insights that can create measurable change is my goal on every project. Contact me today and let me help you take the next big step.

"Many people can collect data well, but few can analyze it with the same aptitude. Mark can do both, which makes for a formidable researcher. His expertise in knowing the market, knowing the client's needs, and knowing the consumer's needs is second to none.  He executes research plans with quality and delivers with brilliance. I look forward to the next time we can collaborate."
Chad Maxwell, Razorfish Regional Research Director.