What can I do
I'm a strong believer that no method has the single best answer to a problem. Using a mixed methods approach allows a research program to view a problem from multiple angles. Where one method leaves a whole another method will fill in with far greater detail and accuracy.

Qualitative Methods
Qualitative research is about gathering a rich dataset that can show us possibilities that we may not have considered before starting the data collection. Qualitative data is excellent at finding the full breadth of the issues involved in a project. Collecting qualitative research is more than watching people shop or conducting an interview on the street. Problems can arise when questions aren't phrase correctly or the sequence of questions is misleading or intonation causes misunderstandings.

Quantitative Methods
Quantitative methods can capture minute changes and differences given a sufficient sample. This type of data can be collected in a variety of ways but all of them require careful preparation to eliminate effects that may interfere with the findings. Quantitative analysis makes use of the wide range of statistical techniques that can find relationships and correlations between factors or help us to identify the factors that are important in a situation, if the techniques are used appropriately.